Passion can KILL your Startup and here is Why

Passion can kill your start and here is why
Passion can crash land your startup before it soars in the sky.

Passion – the word that is everywhere around you. Numerous quotes, books, speakers, and blogs that inspire you to seek your calling, find out what you are passionate about and weave your life around your inner desires. It has been touted as the bloodline of successful businesses and careers alike. If you are passionate enough, you will ultimately succeed, that is the common philosophy we hear often.

However, as is the case with everything, passion actually has two sides of its own. While it can help you achieve success and live a life you have been dreaming of, it can also have certain repercussions which can actually kill your newfound startup or career. Below, we list out three common reasons, why passion can backfire and may actually lead to a disastrous ending.

  • Overworking and quick burnout

When we are passionate, we are working hard, really hard for what we care about, be it a startup or social cause. Time dilutes and we tend to be unaware of everything around and our sole focus is on the hustling and how we can push it to great success. But guess what! Most of the time it leads to overworking and that quickly evolve into burnout. When we see everyone around enjoying their life (or pretending that they are actually enjoying) while we are toiling day and night, after a point of time we actually begin to question if all this is worth! Most certainly, we have lost the work-life balance by that time and call it quit once as soon as our motivation drops and we are burned out.

  • Heightened Expectations

When we are passionate about something, we are constantly thinking about that through day and night. Ideas keep tinkering in our minds as to how we can improve and how we can turn things for better. This leads to day-dreaming. We start imagining and weaving stories inside our head as to how we will work hard and then ultimately succeed and have a great life afterward. It seems like a fairytale where everything is magical and has a happy ending. We have high expectations for our idea and are convinced that if we put in hard work, everything will turn out to be excellent. But what we forget is, startups are not easy. For every success story, there are thousands of failure stories which never get highlighted. Consequently, when the startup hits a roadblock or things don’t turn out in the manner we have imagined, we are disappointed and frustrated. We tend to dump the overall idea and startup along with at the drop of a hat and call it quit at once.

  • The grass is not greener on the other side

Passion is generally associated with something with love, something we care about. When we incorporate a startup around our passion, we imagine that we are now liberated from the evil 9 to 5 job, that the chains are now broken and we are free to do what we love doing which is a great idea in itself. We imagine ourselves as a free bird who can fly as long he wants. But once the startup scales us, routine and boring things such as accounts, taxes, and management creep in. We are no longer doing only things we love but a major portion of our workday is spent on these essential but boring chores. We become disillusioned and the fun and enjoyable part is quickly lost. It again becomes a cage from which we were escaping. This disappointment slowly eats the zeal and passion with which we have started on and slowly the startup fades into oblivion.

Everything said, passion is a great driving force and can help us create wonder. However, what needs to be checked is the repercussions associated with it, recognizing them and taking corrective actions on a proactive basis. It is a necessary evil that you have to live with, but you can surely make it work in your favor for tremendous success.

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